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Medical Holidays

Why Medical Vacations to Turkey

Medical vacations and medical tourists are terms that reference a growing trend in health care. When you decide to have a medical treatment completed in Turkey who provide medical vacations service, it can save around 30% 70% of the cost which you would otherwise have on the same procedure in Finland

We are happy to state that our agency is one of the primary medical travel websites globally to give you more knowledge about medical tourism. Our website provides the information for patients from Scandinavian. Who are seeking for affordable treatments and procedures, and medical travel abroad? The website’s particular pages provide you an understanding into the many procedures and treatments such as the most popular, laser eye surgery, dental treatment, hair transplantation, thermal/spa-wellness, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Combine holiday and treatment in Turkey

Travel services are widely available to most of us, but this is not always the case when it comes to medical travel. You can combine your treatment with an unforgettable holiday in Turkey. After all life is more than illness and a holiday should be accessible to all. You don’t have to choose between a relaxing holiday and having treatment. You can get both! We can cater for your every need and provide you the best of both the medical and travel worlds and here is how: Turkey is a country where east meets west and traditions, tastes and aromas produce a tantalizing mix. With fascinating history and classical architecture as well as calm mountain retreats, rolling hills covered in fragrant orange groves, sandy beaches with turquoise waters and romantic coastal cities, Turkey guarantees there’s something to suit everyone’s holiday preferences.
You will be pleasantly surprised with the high quality entertainment; shopping and cultural experiences on offer as well as trendy bars and restaurants doted around. Whoever said Turkey was only about the beach couldn’t be more wrong!

Safe and Reliable Medical Travel Service to Turkey

Turkey is one of the most well-known destinations for a medical travel service globally and is the third most rapidly growing and the sixteenth biggest economy in the world as well as it is a European Union candidate presently fulfilling membership criteria ensuring high and consistent standards in healthcare.
The main reason being a leader in the health tourism sector is our high quality services and the affordable prices.
We present standard affordable packages as well as customized services for our guests. All medical treatments and interventions are performed by doctors and personnel certified by Turkish Ministry of Health. Every single medical center working with us are registered with Turkish Ministry of Health and have the highest quality in the country. 
Detur planned health travel organization and Turkey’s one of the best quality medical travel service providers. DETUR would bring you effective, trusted and affordable treatment suggestions about the health issues. We offer health professional services for Scandinavian patients.
Our focus is on the services in the fields of medical, laser eye surgery, dental treatment, hair transplantation, thermal/spa-wellness, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with providing you the highest level of health service.

Why your medical travel service with Detur

Detur has professional experience that enables patients to travel overseas confidently.
The professional team has discovered and connected with the best hospitals and doctors of the destination country.

We provide medical travel services for the health tourists to save the thousands of EUROS for their medical expenses they would have to pay in your own country. In addition, hospital and surgery visits are simply just, and this has often been mentioned that recuperation after surgery in beautiful surroundings is as good as the standard locations in Europe. 
We exclusively arrange your medical travel trip by integrating the most beneficial qualified doctor with luxurious hotels and the best views you have ever before seen.
You are totally in safe hands with Detur and Turkey is a destination where you will feel at home while experiencing world famous Turkish hospitality.
Click on each type of treatment on the home page to look at your holiday and treatment options. Contact us at any time during your search with your questions. Fill in our enquiry form or use the details on the contact us page and we will take care of the rest.

Our business offers a professional service, an excellent culture, delicious foods and a great history…

Medical tourism: Sea, sun, sand and ……… surgery